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The safety, happiness and wellbeing of your residents are the most important things to us and our chefs. Our care home chefs have undergone extensive training and safety checks to ensure the chef that joins your team has the required skills and knowledge to step into your kitchen and become part of your team. Your chef will have;


  • An Enhanced DBS – On the update service! With real time information on all of our chefs, you know that they can be trusted and are fully compliant to work in your care home. We will ensure you see their DBS before the chef steps foot in your care home.
  • IDDSI Textured Diet Training – Your chef will have undergone our inhouse ‘Nutrition for the Elderly Training’ which covers topics from communication with the elderly to the latest IDDSI Levels.
  • Practical Training – Our chefs have undergone an extensive hands on training session in preparing the IDDSI levels for residents on a textured diet, along with an on-job training session with one of our highly experienced care home chefs.
  • An up to date Food Hygiene Certificate – All of our care home chefs have a minimum of Level 2 Food Hygiene, and often above. We ensure our chefs keep up to date with Food Hygiene courses, meaning your residents’ health is in safe hands.
  • Full references – Your care home chef will have a proven track record within a care home setting, with their references available on request. Due to our considerable pre-deployment training, you can trust our chefs completely, meaning your residents mealtimes are in very capable hands.

We know our chefs…

Find out about our specialised chef selection for care homes by clicking here

Man in a chefs uniform chatting to a care home resident
Chef pouring gravy for care home residents


Job Fullfillment

Your chef will be reliable!

We pride ourselves on having a 98% job fulfilment track record.

Our double check-in system

Our chefs confirm availability with us the evening before and on the morning of their shift, meaning that your chef will be there on time to serve your care home residents.

You can trust our experience…

We’ve been providing chefs for care homes (and the entire catering industry!) for over 11 years.

In that time we’ve learnt a few things about what can go potentially go wrong, from booking to service.

With that in mind we have created systems to ensure that your experience will not only be problem free but you’ll also get a care home chef tailored to your exact requirements.

Step one – You’ll login to your online portal – signup is quick and easy and we’re here to guide you through this process.

Step two – You’ll tell us the dates and times you need one of our care home chefs.

Step three* – When we receive this information we’ll first look for any available chefs who have previously worked in your kitchen. By doing this we’re able to send you a care home chef who already understands your business and your kitchen’s processes and procedures.

Step four – When we find the right care home chef for your business we’ll send you their details; a photograph and some information about who they are and their experience, along with working times and their rates.

Step five – Once confirmed we will email our care home chef with the details they will need so they understand exactly what the role requires.

Step six – On the day before our care home chef is due, we use our text alert system so the chef is able to confirm their availability for the shift.

Step seven – On the morning of the shift we again send a text to our chef so they can confirm they are on their way to your business.

  • In the unlikely event that our booked chef does not respond to our text alerts, we have the opportunity to backfill the role with another experienced chef. Our text system enables us to have a 98% job fulfilment record!

Step eight – When you sign off any timesheets we ask for your feedback on our chef’s performance. This allows us to respond to any issues and to coach our staff with the values they need to work well within your business.

A chef wearing an apron
Office staff chatting to two chefs in the Bristol office
A woman serving food to residents in a care home

Case Study – Annie Ruddick BUPA

It is vitally important to meet the needs of care homes and their residents. This requires special training and consideration of a mulitude of dietry needs.

We work closely with all our clients to not only meet their expectations but exceed them wherever possible. See how we helped Shaw care homes by clicking the button below.

Penpal 2020

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we set up a scheme to send pictures and drawings from school children to residents in care homes, in order to spread some joy and happiness during this difficult time. We were so thrilled with the amazing response we had from the care homes and their residents that we have decided to extend Penpal 2020. You can register for a free pack here.

Old woman in a care home in Bath holds up a childs drawing

We're here if you've got any questions, you can book a call with one of our experienced office team who will happily talk through any queries or concerns you may have.

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The Chef Tree portal is really simple to use, you can check whom you have booked in and sign timesheets.

They send chefs in for training, no agency has ever done that, the Chef Tree have taken the time to get it right.

Colin Robb Shaw Healthcare

We have found The Chef Tree send the same chefs often, you’ve got consistency & they understand the running of our kitchen

Polly Massie Woodhouse

Bristol Chef Agency

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