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The right agency for you

two chefs in a commercial kitchen, serving several plates of food

Choosing the right chef job can be tricky…

….especially in these difficult times. The industry has gone through a massive change recently and chefs might be worried about what the future holds for their careers. But on the flip side of this, many chefs have been re-evaluating their careers and thinking about getting that all important work/life balance. The Chef Tree can help you get the balance just right because you’re in control of when you work, even where you want to work.

Whether you are considering seeking work as an agency staff for the first time, you’re looking to relocate or just want a new career challenge in a new kitchen, The Chef Tree is here to support you.

With chef jobs right across the South West you’ll be able to work in a variety of kitchens that suit your situation and that will help you increase your skills and knowledge and grow as a chef.

For someone who is considering joining the Chef Tree, there is nothing to worry about
I highly recommend the company to all my Chef colleagues

Wojciech Leciejewski

You’re important to us

We like happy chefs…

…because we understand that anyone who is happy in their work will be much more productive than someone who isn’t happy. Chefs are a breed apart and we know that you thrive on working hard and delivering for your customers. But we also understand that this needs to be a two-way street; you deserve to be respected and treated well for the effort you put in to your job. If you work well for us then we’ll deliver the maximum flexibility that you need to get that work/life balance you deserve.

Of course, when you’re happy and working hard, our clients are happy and when our clients are happy, we’re happy. It’s a complete love-in of happy awesomeness!

We want chefs to feel that they’re an important part of our business, quite simply because they are the most important part of our business. That’s why we work with chefs over time to help build their portfolio and to match them to jobs that will give them new skills and experience. We help you nurture relationships and provide you with any training you might need to help you climb that chef ladder.

Fill in the form, sit back and let us take care of the rest.

Tell Us About You

I like working for The Chef Tree because of the freedom and the flexibility

Eva Kam

Since joining TCT I have had full textured training, providing me with all the knowledge to work in care homes

Adam Toth

Flexibility matters

three chefs using a food processor in a resteraunt kitchen

With the flexibility to pick and choose your own hours you can take back control of your life and be your own boss, giving you the opportunity to create a healthy work/life balance and allowing you that precious time to spend with your friends and family. At The Chef Tree, you’ll never be chained to the cooker at work again.

Need a weekend off? Not a problem when you work for The Chef Tree! Had enough of trying to swap shifts so you can help out with childcare or attend your mum’s birthday? With The Chef Tree you work the hours that you want to work.

Our chefs have told us that the flexibility we offer is the key reason they came to work for The Chef Tree. Our chefs love our bookings portal that allows you to tell us when you want to work. Our chefs love going into new kitchens and meeting new people. Our chefs love the new skills they pick up along the way.

A chef job with The Chef Tree allows you to pick and choose your own rota. A rota that fits around your personal circumstances and gives you the perfect work/life balance. A rota which can help bring alive your passion for cooking.

If you’re unsure chef agency work is for you, why not book a call with one of our experienced office team who will happily talk through any questions or concerns you may have.

It’s not all work!

Chefs playing ping pong in a well decorated room
agency staff posing with trophys and awards

We like to think of The Chef Tree as a community for chefs. When you work for us you’ll meet like-minded chefs who are loving their personal freedom to pick and choose the hours they work.

The chefs who work for us all share our sense of community spirit which is why you’ll find fellow chefs who you’ll enjoy working with, chefs you’ll enjoy spending time with, either at the pass or at the bar.

We put on regular awards events that recognise the talent and the hard work that our chefs put into their jobs. This is a time for us all to celebrate, to meet and share stories, to have a laugh and a drink with people that know the demands of the chef trade.

The portal is good – I have 21 days in advance to put on my availability

Nick Robbins

I Would definitely recommend The Chef Tree to other chefs , Working for The Chef Tree offers a fantastic work-life balance .

Florin Fikaj

Think you’re a good fit?

If you like what you’ve read then we want to hear from you. Still not sure that you have the right skill set? We make sure all of our chefs are fully trained and equipped for the kitchens in which we place them, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. When you come in for your interview we’ll answer any questions you might have and tell you all you need to know about working with The Chef Tree.

It really is as simple as getting in touch; we’ll arrange everything so all you need to do is show up for your interview. Don’t worry, it’s all good at The Chef Tree. We’re a tight team and we always have our chefs’ backs.

Take the opportunity to take control of your chef future. We look forward to meeting you.

Tell Us About You

Working for The Chef Tree is completely different from being a full-time chef
You choose the hours you want to do, fill in your portal, and everything is
arranged around that

Neil Roach

You get to go to different venues, you’re not stuck in the same job endlessly, not boring. You don’t have to go back when you don’t like somewhere and there is a variety of jobs.

James Avery