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Keeping the wheels turning…

Your kitchen is the engine room of your business, and without a reliable, skilled chef at the helm, you customers will go hungry and your reputation will suffer.

With so many customers relying on review sites to help choose their next culinary experience, you can’t afford to take risks with your chef needs and the chef agency you need to support your kitchen.

You need the peace of mind to know that when you book a chef, you can rely on them to turn up and have the ability and knowledge to cook your menu, the way you and your customers expect it.

All chefs who work with The Chef Tree must confirm on a daily basis that they are able to complete their shift, via our automated text system, giving you the assurance that your chef will arrive with the right attitude to complete the job.

The trust I have in them, is 100% paramount. They have gained over the last 11 months, my full respect.

What we pay for a chef from The Chef Tree is worth it.

Martin Baker Charlton House

Chef in a restaurant kitchen dropping carrots into a saucepan


Job Fullfillment

Your chef will be reliable!

We pride ourselves on having a 98% job fulfilment track record.

Our double check-in system

Our chefs confirm availability with us the evening before and on the morning of their shift, meaning that your chef will be there on time to serve your care home residents.

You can trust our experience…

Our team in the office have a combined 74 years of experience within the hospitality industry. Their experience means that when you call to book your chef, they ask the right questions and ensure you get the chef that your kitchen needs.

At The Chef Tree we understand that teamwork is vital within any kitchen. All of our chefs are amiable, friendly and have the right attitude to step into any kitchen and support your current team. Our chefs share our own teamwork ethos and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Many of our chefs have been with our chef agency for over three years so there really is a sense of loyalty and commitment within The Chef Tree. Each of our chef team understand our core values and work hard to support clients like you and to make sure your customers are kept fed and happy.

We firmly believe that a happy customer is a repeat customer!

Chefs meeting with office staff in the bristol agency office
The bar area of the globe inn

Case Study – Globe Inn

Pubs and restaurants tend to have their own idisyncrasies, each one with it’s own unique challenges.

We work hard to match quality chefs with these sometimes challenging enviroments to ensure patrons always get the best service possible.

Don’t take our word for it…

Now not a good time? Why not book a call with one of our experienced office team who will happily talk through any questions or concerns you may have.

a friendly woman smiling, pictured from the waist up

What a relief to have found a decent agency like yours! All very professional and all very good so far, thanks to you all. I will definitely be getting in touch again, many thanks.

Rob Mcgill Royal Oak

The chefs supplied have always been punctual, well natured and most importantly capable of performing any tasks that are required of them. I would not hessite to recommend them to anyone.

Matt Hampshire The Railway Inn

Bristol Chef Agency

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