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The Care Home Chef that Cares

Last week, as part of the ongoing service we provide to one of the UK’s largest Care Groups, Rachel and I were invited into a supplier meeting. This was to discuss a recent inspection that had been carried out. The inspection covered all aspects of their agency needs, including our caring Chef.

Care Home Chef

My first thought was. 

What can I learn from this meeting?

As every meeting you attend, you should be looking to learn at least one thing – otherwise, the meeting is fairly pointless.

This meeting had me scribbling on my pad like mad. I was taking notes on various key take aways, that will help me and The Chef Tree improve within the care sector.

Implementing a number of improvements to our Chef Agency, which will keep us compliant and providing the service for Care Home Chef that our customers have come to expect.

Although, the BIGGEST take away for me, was when a son of one of the residents came to the dining room and knocked on the kitchen hatch.

‘Hi Chef, I just wanted to let you know that Dad really enjoyed his lunch today and finished it all up’

Amazing! Especially as the Caring chef in question is one of our Care Home Cook trainers. He works alongside our newest Chefs, training them in all aspects of cooking for the elderly in a care home environment.

This made my week.

The fact that this gentleman made a special visit. A special visit to compliment and thank the Chef for his food. This, in turn must have made our Chef feel good inside.

This is always what I say to any Chef that is unsure about working as a Care Home Cook. You are more likely to get compliments from residents than the usual moans within a restaurant kitchen.

The resident’s families really appreciate you. Your hard work and how you care about the food that you make for them.

It does not have to be on-trend, it just needs to have that little bit love attached to each dish.

So using your passion for good home-cooked food, to make a lot of elderly people happy and smile.

Need a chef for your care home? We provide all levels of chefs across the whole of Bristol, Bath, Cotswolds, Wiltshire, North Somerset, and South Wales. Call us on 01179041001 or email or visit our contact us page.

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