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What Is The Highest Paid Chef Job?

Having a chef job is one of the ultimate goals for many workers in the hospitality industry. Chefs gain respect and fame for their extensive experience and experience in the kitchen. But like other careers, you must assess the expected compensation of the position. 

Your salary can vary based on various aspects. For instance, a chef working in a luxury hotel will not receive a similar compensation as one working in a pub or casual café. Again, your experience will come in handy when determining your salary. Here are some of the highest paid chef jobs?

Private Chef job

Some clients may hire you as their private chef. This position involves working for a particular family or organization. You will be in charge of all the kitchen affairs in the house. In some cases, you will need to reside on the same premises with your client. 

Also, private chefs must understand the dietary needs of their clients. This aspect will ensure that you serve them with the right food and avoid ones that can cause allergic reactions. 

Usually, the private chefs serve a single client making the job less hectic. The expected salary for this position is between £35245 and £68746. Hence, it is among the highest paid chef jobs.

Executive chef job

Becoming an executive chef is the desire of many cooks. This position seems luxurious for many hospitality workers. When you rise to this position, you will be in charge of all kitchen management activities. It will be your responsibility to prepare a menu and train the cooks to implement it properly.  

Also, you take charge of ensuring the kitchen is operating seamlessly. You will be responsible for all budgeting and management of the inventory. You have to ensure that the kitchen is cost-efficient and profitable. As well, you need to delegate tasks to other kitchen workers effectively. The expected salary of an executive chef is between £22531 and £ 67334. 

Personal chef 

Sometimes, you might confuse a personal chef with a private one, but the two positions are different. Unlike private, a personal chef does not work for a single client. These chefs serve diverse customers and deliver meals to them. 

They specialize in a given culinary niche and can work with an individual or commercial clients. No level of education can determine your qualification to become a personal chef. However, you need to master a given field to become one. This position is among the highest paid chef jobs as you can make up to £53000 per month.

Sous chef 

Another highest paid chef job is the sous chef.  A sous chef acts as the assistant to the executive chef. They are in charge of some duties in the kitchen, such as staff training, scheduling, and line service management. Also, the job can involve ordering and maintaining the inventory. Some sous chefs are in charge of making specials. 

Due to this aspect, if you hold this position, you are likely to become the second most paid chef in your restaurant.  You can earn a salary of up to £52000.

Relief chef 

Working in a permanent position as a chef can impact your work-life balance. As you know, chefs have a tight schedule forcing them to work for extra hours without the right compensation. However, you can now avoid such issues by becoming a relief chef. This position is one of the highest paying chef positions. 

A relief chef can earn a salary of between £24,450 and £31,790. Also, they receive compensation for each worked hour and work when they want. Hence, it is a luxurious and flexible position. 

In a word, it is not hard to secure the highest paid chef job. However, you need to invest in learning and experience. Do not expect to become an executive chef one month after completing your culinary art degree or course. Patience pays is the slogan in this industry. So, abide by it. 

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