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Why Agency Chefs Choose The Chef Tree

Are you planning to become an agency chef? Working as an agency chef comes with great benefits. The position hands you the freedom to work when available and get the right compensation. Also, you enjoy high flexibility as you can choose to work on weekdays, holidays, day or night. Your position is not fixed and you work with different clients.

However, not all chef agencies will serve you well. You need to be selective to ensure your choice matches your needs. One of the leading chef recruitment agencies in the UK is Chef Tree. This agency is a consideration for many chefs who turn to the agency chef world.

But why do many agency chefs choose the Chef Tree? Here are the reasons:

The Chef tree agency offers better rates to their chefs

Compensation is the first reason why chefs join the agency world. You expect to work for particular hours and get the right payment for them. The agency world allows chefs to earn their desired income and work when they want. For this reason, a good agency must of them this opportunity.

Chef Tree leads in ensuring that their agency chefs earn the best rates.  You will get an hourly rate that aligns with your experience and expertise. The agency works as your rate negotiator with the potential client. So, you are likely to get better compensation and rate than the one you would get by going it yourself.

Agency Chefs Get the Opportunity to work with variant clients

Unlike working for a single hospitality business, Chef Tree allows their agency chefs to work for various clients. You can work with a care home today but work in the pub kitchen tomorrow.

Also, the agency can assign you to a VIP event or an institutional kitchen. This position breaks the boredom of working in a single location and impacts you with huge knowledge and experience.

In addition, you explore different kitchens and menus that enhance your understanding and prowess in the culinary industry. This aspect moves many agency chefs to consider Chef Tree.

A chance to match your passion and dream

When joining the hospitality and culinary industry, you had some desires and dreams. You wanted to work in a position that match your passion. For instance, you desire to be a leading pastry chef. But you can find yourself taking charge of all menus in a restaurant kitchen.

Probably, you feel more connected serving favourite dishes to students or the elderly. Your dream was to work as a care home chef or get a school chef position. Sometimes, getting such positions seems like a mirage.

Chef Tree acts as the bridge between agency chefs and their passion. The agency helps chefs discover opportunities fit for them. It will allow you to take up a school chef, care home chef, pub, pastry, or executive chef position that matches your dream. So, you no longer need to struggle to work in a chef position you dislike.

Friendly terms and policies

Friendly terms and policies are another reason why agency chefs choose Chef Tree. Unlike other agencies, Chef Tree has a training program for all the agency chefs it recruits. Every chef gets specialized training in line with their field. Find out more.

For instance, a care home chef will learn how to prepare food for the elderly. They will undergo training on the elderly nutrition and dietary needs. So, you will gain practical experience and enhanced knowledge in your preferably culinary field.   In a word, working as an agency chef is a great achievement. However, you can struggle to secure some jobs especially when you are a beginner. This is why many agency chefs consider Chef Tree as it makes their transition simple. 

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