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Why Do Chefs Like Working As Agency Chefs?

The demand for chefs is growing. Every hospitality business is in a race to hire a qualified chef. Each wants to have a permanent chef to be in charge of their kitchen. However, this is no longer the case.  Chefs want a different model and that’s why agency chefs are popular.

The hospitality industry is undergoing a transition where chefs are unwilling to take permanent positions. Instead, they are going for freelance opportunities where most experienced chefs are now working as agency chefs. It is not a surprise to find a UK hotel/restaurant having more than half of its staff as freelancers.

Why is this becoming the new trend? Here are some reasons why chefs are shifting to agency chefs:

Better compensation

While the demand for chefs is high, employers are not willing to pay the top dollar. Permanent chefs spend extra hours in the kitchen but receive a low salary. No employer is compensating them for each hour they work. The case is different for agency chefs.

The agency chefs work for the agreed hours with equal compensation for each hour worked. An extra hour will mean an additional coin. Hence, chefs are working as agency chefs as the option allows them to get better compensation for their efforts.  

Agency chefs have Total freedom

Freedom is the other reason driving chefs the agency way. Chefs are in charge of the kitchen. They receive every customer order and fulfil it to the expected satisfaction levels. When working in a permanent position, you have no choice but to follow the employers’ terms and conditions.

Unlike permanent, agency chefs have the freedom to determine their working hours, where and when they will work. For instance, you can decide whether you want to work in restaurants in London or institutions in Manchester.

Also, you can decide to only work on opportunities available near your area or abroad. The option allows chefs to work on weekdays or choose weekend gigs only. This freedom is hard to gain in permanent chef positions.

Opportunity to learn and gain new experience

The growth in any career emerges from gaining experience in different areas. People in prime levels in their careers have worked with various organizations. This aspect is what chef agencies offer to their chefs. The opportunity offer chefs a chance to learn and gain new experience.

You do not have a stationary workstation when working as an agency chef. You work with different clients and in varying kitchens. Also, you prepare different recipes and menus. This aspect offers you a chance to experience new culinary ideas and practices.

As such, chefs are choosing to work as agency chefs as it offers them an excellent opportunity to grow through learning and trying new things in different kitchens.  

High flexibility of Agency Chef Jobs

Chefs are busy people who work for extra hours. In particular, chefs working in busy restaurants and hotels rarely have breaks. Some chefs are likely to work for over 15hours in a day.

The lack of flexibility is another aspect pushing chef towards the agency world. For agencies, a chef works when they want. They have the flexibility to determine their work schedule. No one decides the place and menus they will prepare. So, they always have a flexible life than their permanent counterparts.

Control over work-life balance

Work-life balance is a hot topic in the 21st century. Everyone wants to strike a balance between their work and social life. This aspect remains a nightmare for many chefs. Their tight schedule denies them time to work out or spend with their loved ones.

But the agency chefs are changing this trend. Since the agency chefs can decide when and where to work, they can easily achieve a work-life balance. In other words, they have total control over their daily living.  

So, now you know why chefs are working as agency chefs today. You can consider this route too. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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